Sometimes people ask the question, "How can I learn more about Freemasons," or "How can I become a Freemason?"

That is a good question and it's often prompted for any number of reasons. Maybe a relative was a mason, maybe you've seen a history show about Freemasons. In some cases, maybe you benefited from a masonic charity. Whatever the case may be, for one reason or another, you may have had an interest in becoming or learning more about Freemasons.

In Arkansas, Freemason's will not seek you out. We do not go out soliciting members. We will gladly share information about our fraternity at fair booths, parades or when asked, but we do not "look" for new members. In simple terms, we're not sending you an invite to join the Masonic Lodge. No, you need to seek out a lodge or Freemason yourself and ask about joining.

Once you decide to become a Freemason there will be a few steps which must be followed.

1. You must obtain a petition to join the lodge - you can get this from a secretary or a member of the lodge.

2. You must complete the petition and turn it in to the lodge.

3. The lodge will conduct a review and process the petition.

Once you have joined the lodge, you will start a journey of a lifetime. You will meet new friends, learn history, and join a fraternity with a rich history that reaches around the world.

For those unsure, or just wanting to learn more, an excellent site has been developed. We invite you to view it and learn more: