This page is operated by Brother Clinton Thomas, PDDGM of Edwards Masonic Lodge #539 in Texarkana.

Brother Thomas, along with RW Grand Junior Deacon Arnold Hodge, and others felt that a website to share times, degrees, schools, and fundraisers would be helpful for the lodges of Southwest Arkansas.

Initially the thoughts had been to bring Miller County lodges online only; however, after discussion and consideration, it was felt that all the lodges in the Southwest part of Arkansas could benefit from a sharing of information. This information, as can be seen in the site, includes lodge locations, pictures as they are uploaded, contact information will eventually be provided, and addresses. The calendar includes each lodge's meeting dates and times - hopefully we will add more. The calendar can be easily viewed and for those using electronic calendars on phones or computers, the dates can be transferred into that system.

Through a sharing of dates and events, it is hoped that all masons in the Southwest part of Arkansas can visit various lodges, participate in degrees and strengthen the fellowship and assistance to help keep our lodges stable in the future.

The lodges represented on this page are subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. This page is operated independently, but subordinate and subject to the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas.